ALARM - Brilliant game of cops and robbers. The bank sits in the middle of the board and you all play the role of robbers racing to the bank in the centre of the board, trying to steal the gold without triggering off the alarms. Trigger an alarm and you get banished to prison and miss a turn. Once you get the gold out of the bank, your opponents become cops and try and catch you before you reach the 'Getaway' square.

THE FASTEST GUN - A kinda 'shoot-em-up' monopoly. You go around the board buying up properties. If your opponent lands on your property then its a gunfight! You can hire a gunman for $50, $100 or $150. Gunfights are played using 2 dice - one normal dice and one dice with either red or black numbers on. The disk that sits in the board is then rotated x places to the left or right depending on black or red. Eventually the holes will move round and devour the ground beneath your gunmans feet. If you can no longer afford a gunman then your playing piece becomes the gunman. Once your playing piece is defeated the game is over.

GHOST TRAIN - Work your way around a board of cog wheels. Avoid being knocked over by the ghosts. Land on a spiders web and the huge spider goes down and blocks the exit. Land on a green beetle and the spider goes up. Get knocked off and go to the waiting room. The final web in the exit doorway always leaves it open for a dramatic twist just when you think the game is won.

BERMUDA TRIANGLE - Travel between West Indian islands buying up oil, bananas, coffee etc. avoiding the big magnetic cloud which sucks up your ships (and planes?).

NEWSDESK - You are given a newspaper with blank spaces to fill in with stories. The telex will assign you a mission and subject category somewhere in the world. The objective is to fill up your page. There are several WRITE OFF cards which send you back to base. The story cards are a very interesting read in themselves.

REBOUND - A fantastic sort of shove ha' penny game played with pucks (like the one used in the game Crossfire). Bounce your puck off the elastic bands to score 50, 100, 150 points. Then have your score scuppered by your opponent knocking your pucks into the gutter - in true crown green bowls style. 

BEAT THE BLACKBALL - The only game on this page that I didn't own. I remember Paul Helyar bringing it in on games day at junior school. Imagine the tension as you fire the black ball around the funnel and four players waiting with itchy fingers to release their ball at the very last moment to score maximum points. Sometimes your bottle would go and you would only score 1 point, sometimes you would leave it a fraction too late and be beaten by the black ball and score 0. A real test of nerves!




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